Why I keep Going Back

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I’ve written time and time again of my hot/cold, love/hate, on again/off again relationship with the library.    Despite the fines (and my husband can attest to the fact that we have paid MANY), I keep going back again and again….and the reasons are…

reading on way home


1.  the hush that falls over the circus van on the ride home as everyone is absorbed in their books (I’ve even been known to sit in the van in the parking lot soaking in that silence)

2.  children reading in bed at night



choo choo bok4.  The fact that my 2 year old knows right where the choo choo books are at the library and so eagerly checks his own book out and the cute little way he says “choo choo book is at li-rary.”

I haven’t read aloud to them nearly enough.  So many of my “good intentions” continually fall to the way side, but I love the fact that they all love the library and love books and to me, it is worth every single penny in over due fines.

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  1. Love that they love to read.
    * Note; Reason number 3 seems to be missing.


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