2 year old in the House


Number one sign you have a 2 year old boy in the house.

Nothing is safe. 

He will drag chairs to the counter to score out of reach cookies, he’ll fill cups with ice only to dump them on the floor, he’ll drink soda, coffee, whatever he finds left sitting out with reckless abandon. 

And he’ll sunscreen my dining room furniture.  photo (7)

I had even seen the sunscreen lying out earlier and moved it to the center of the dining room table, “just incase”…. clearly I should have put it up higher.

The only reason he didn’t cause more damage was b/c he got it into his eyes and his screaming alerted us to the mischief. 

Now whenever he looks at this picture he goes, “Oh no… my eyes, my eyes.”

Someone is keeping this Momma VERY BUSY these days!


  1. Thank goodness for non-porous seat cushions!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I was thinking the same thing about the chair cushions! Your mom recovered them in vinyl, Just In Time. What a mess.


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