A Circus First


We’ve had stitches, numerous trips to Right Time Care and even an over night hospital stay, but so far we haven’t had any broken limbs.

Until this week.

I was upstairs when I heard the blood curdling screams and sobs of my 5 year old.  I raced downstairs to see her sobbing and holding her beloved Kit in one hand and Kit’s arm in the other.   (I had noticed the day before, that her arm seemed wobbly and something wasn’t right, so it wasn’t a total shock to me).   My 5 year old was devastated… “I just picked her up Mom and it fell off… Kit, Kit…”  I held her while she cried and then quickly googled “replacing doll off of American girl doll”  when it brought me to a form to fill out and send Kit in for a “hospital stay” I then went on face book hoping there was a quicker and cheaper answer.

But, there wasn’t.  I am told Kit will come back with her arm attached, wearing a hospital gown and even an ID bracelet.  (I didn’t tell my 5 year this part hoping she would be delightfully surprised by this when she gets her back). 

She did really well with boxing her up… we  hugged her goodbye, put her in the box, and then took her to the UPS store. 


My 5 year old bravely carried her into the store and gave her to the UPS man (who was so, super nice, asking the doll’s name, telling her they do a great job taking care of dolls and Kit would be back good as new before she knew it). 

Then we walked out of the door and she dropped to her knees.  She was biting back tears and it was so incredibly heart breaking and precious all at once.  I held her there on the sidewalk and then couldn’t resist snapping a picture of her pathetic-ness after buckling her in her car seat.  (I felt kind of guilty for taking a picture of her crying, so I told her I took it to show Kit how sad she was when she left). 

photo (16)The UPS guy said she should be at the hospital by Tuesday.  I’ve and the American Girl doll store says it can take up to 3 weeks before they ship her back.  I’ve braced her for the fact that it will be several weeks, (though I’ve had friends who got their dolls back sooner and I am hoping we too get lucky).  Tonight at dinner she prayed that Kit would come back soon from the hospital.  I’m thinking maybe next week I’ll mail her a letter, in the mailbox, from “Kit” telling her she misses her and they are taking good care of her in the hospital. 

Perhaps that will help the time pass more quickly. 


  1. I hope they are reunited soon! That picture is so sad! I wish I could give her a big old virtual Happy hug! The letter sounds like a good idea! You're such a good mom!

  2. Would a loaner doll help? I have one to share for a few weeks. Or would that complicate things when she has to return our doll? LMK.

  3. Oh how that makes my heart hurt for her. So glad the UPS guy was so sympathetic and willing to participate in this event. The letter is great idea. Can't wait to see pictures when Kit returns.

  4. I feel for your daughter. It also warms my heart to see the concern on her little brother's face in the background. I wish Kit a speedy recovery.

  5. I'm so glad our The UPS Store location could send Kit off to the American Girl Hospital safely! We hope for Kit's fast recovery!

    -Katie Dennerline
    The UPS Store Corp.

  6. Oh how sad she was. Tell her Iused to fix dolls for little girls that I had made for them. Hope she ishome by now.


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