Looking Out My Back Window


I glanced out my back window on Saturday and saw this


Only,  I didn’t just see this precious moment in time, but simultaneously, my mind flashed back to several other similar moments over the past 5 years….

September 2009


August 2008

IMG_6556 (2)

And, April 2007


One can’t help but notice a few things when observing these father/child bonding moments in the back yard.

1.  Believe it or not Scott, we’ve been VERY successful in growing grass in our backyard these past 5 years!  Look at the dirt our son is mowing back in 2007!

2.  While the girls seem to prefer following close in step to Dad while mowing, both sons take a “I’ll take this section, you take that one Dad” approach to the lawn mowing duties. 

Love those sweet moments of repetition… passages of time that remind you that while so many things change, some things stay the same. 


  1. I observed that Scott prefers to mow the lawn in kahki shorts and a white tshirt. Must've been cold that April. lol

  2. I like Shelby's observation - so funny! and I love that you have a picture of all your kids doing this!

  3. How sweet. Kids really love to do adult stuff, don't they? Is Scott counting down the days when he can pay these kids-in-training to do it themselves?? I, for one, couldn't help but notice when you visited last how helpful your kids can be!

  4. I noticed that the two girls are 'working' while the two boys seem to be standing and watching daddy. 8-)

  5. Great observations of "style" and girls vs boys approach. As usual, I love the photos that you take


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