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We’ve had an exciting little addition to our homeschool room this spring… well technically, it is outside of our room, but it is best viewed looking out the window from our school table. 

It seems the nest that was used 2 years ago, has been revisited this spring.  Given the fate of our feathered friends 2 years ago, we were all a little nervous when we saw a Mommy robin sitting on the nest this spring.  IMG_3820

I am not sure how many eggs she started with, but we have been able to observe one baby bird grow up in that nest. 

Look at them snuggling!!


Here the Mom appears to have spotted me with the camera and is telling me to stay away from her baby!


I know this picture is kinda blurry, but you can see the little baby head sticking up to get its dinner…


Look how much the bird changed in just one weeks time!IMG_4165

I love his fuzzy little head.  The kids decided to name him Robin Hood… since he is a robin and all.  Look at him getting brave and standing on the edge of his nest.


Here he is looking like he’s ready to take flight.  IMG_4194

I love his expression here… stretching…


Even though he’s getting older, he still snuggles up with his Momma.



I LOVE these pictures of the two of them together…IMG_4212


Not quite able to leave the nest for his food yet, so Mom and Dad bring it to him.



These were taking on a Friday and we don’t go down to the school room much over the weekend… It appeared he left the nest that weekend and we thought our bird watching excitement was over for the spring.

But, then a week, maybe two later, we noticed the Momma bird sitting on the nest an awful lot again.  Confused, I asked Scott to take a peek inside when she was away.  And this is what he found!

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  1. And her work begins again. She will be very busy this summer.
    Love the pictures!
    BTW Heard my hummingbirds on Sunday and saw the first one yesterday. They found the feeder today :-)


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