Finally a GOOD season for baseball


My son has loved baseball since he was 2.  A fan of his own right.  Loves it inside and out.  But, I thought last year the flame might die. 

Or be killed a slow and painful death.

It was a painful combination of not yet seeing a winning baseball game in his life and playing on a team which didn’t win a single game all season, topped off with having a coach that didn’t coach, just yelled in frustration at the discouraged players.   My poor guys face just got longer with each game. 

This season has been a complete turn around.  Not only did he see his first winning Orioles game (season opener none the less), but he got put on a team with a great coach.  One who knows how to instruct the kids on actual baseball skills and how to motivate them when they are behind and keep them motivated when they are ahead.  He’s positive and encouraging and has truly helped bring the fun back into the sport.  (and as an added bonus, the team is actually pretty good… as in I think they only lost 1 or 2 games so far this year)

One of my greatest joys is to watch my kids playing their hearts out, and having fun.  This season has been great for that. 


He’s scored some runs and had a few RBI’s…


He really gets the game now.  He knows where the play is going to be at. 


And you can see the ol’ love of the game in his eyes again… especially as he slides into base


often for no other reason than the joy of sliding in the dirt.

To make a great season even greater, his coach nominated him for the All Star team.  He got to have his name called on the loudspeaker and even got an All Star pin for playing in the game.  It was a memory we’ll cherish for a long time.  getting their pins

I gotta tell you… he’s made a fan out of me.  And it’s been a great season so far. 


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad he made it for the game. Just in time, too! I don't even know what an RBI is but I sure am proud of him. I can't get over how old and know-what-he's-doing in these pictures!

  2. So happy for this year's baseball season for him His love of the game has been re-ignited. Congrats on the All Star game also. He was SO excited when he told us about the game


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