The Circus Crew Visits the OB


I typically schedule my OB appointments for first thing in the morning so that the kids can stay home with Scott.  This time however, his work schedule didn’t cooperate, so I brought the circus crew with me for my check up.   I knew at 28 weeks they wouldn’t be doing an exam, so I felt comfortable having them tag along.  I did come prepared with coloring books, crayons, snacks, and even lollipops which I saved for the very end if they were “super stars.” 

First stop was of course the bathroom so I could “leave a sample.”  So, in the 4 of us went.  I thought peeing in a public bathroom with my crew was an invasion of privacy, but that holds nothing to peeing in a cup with 6 eyes staring at you.  Thankfully the older two obeyed and faced the wall and just my youngest stared questioningly at me. 

Of course I was bombarded with questions as I did my business.

“What are they going to do with your pee?”  “How do they test it Mom?”  “Why did you only pee a little?”  and my favorite, “Hey, can I see the stick you peed on to find out you were having a baby?”  (that would be my oldest, of course)

We filed out of the bathroom and then went to the nurses station where they checked my blood pressure and then I got to step on the scale.  As I stepped up my son said, “I bet it’s going to say a lot, because your heavy!”    (I knew there was a reason why I typically leave them home for these visits).  All I could do was chuckle as the nurse told them you, “never, ever tell your Mommy she’s big!”  They couldn’t figure out why in the world not. 

Having been the source of numerous smirks at this point, we headed back to the room to wait for the Dr.  I knew I’d be having my glucose test done as well, so I also prepped them for the fact that they’d be taking some of Mommy’s blood to check and make sure Mommy and the baby were healthy.  When the woman came in to take my blood, she had a captive audience.  Crayons instantly fell to the floor as they gathered around with wide eyes and watched.  I assured them that “it doesn’t hurt, and she won’t take much, but Mommy typically doesn’t like to watch while they do it, so I usually look away.”  They of course didn’t want to miss a thing.  And thus I got to receive the play by play of the blood draw process.  “Why do they tie that thing on your arm?”  “Will she give you a band aid?”  “Will she put the blood back in when she’s done?”  and “Look, Mom it’s coming out, she’s getting lots.”  I reminded them of when Daddy gave blood at church, how he gave lots more and this was just a tiny bit and my body would make more, just like Daddy’s did.  They then told the lady how Daddy gave a whole bag of blood when he gave blood.   Suddenly my two little vials seemed unimpressive.

Finally, we saw the doctor.  The kids could now eat their beloved snacks (Trader Joes letter cookies) and we got to listen to the heart beat (my absolute favorite part).  When I lifted my shirt there was a line on my skin from my pants.  Of course, my son pointed this out and asked the Dr what it was.  She told him my pants were probably a little tight and left a mark.  Thanks son for drawing attention, yet again to my size.

Thankfully, everything looked good and we were on our way.  As we checked out (“Like at a store?”, “What are you buying mom?”) I was able to make my appointments for just about the remainder of my pregnancy.  I scheduled all of them up until the week before my due date (they weren’t scheduling into that final week yet).  I couldn’t believe it!  We’re really rounding the mark and coming in for the final stretch!  In fact, tomorrow is the first day of my third trimester!

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  1. How funny! Sounds like you all certainly had an adventure, and that your kids ask as many questions as mine do! :)

  2. Ha! You are my inspiration! I was actually thinking about the "to haul or not to haul" issue this morning as my sister-in-law went in for her baby #3 sono. Not sure if she brought the crew, but if/when we have baby #3, I really think going to a few appointments helps them understand what is going on. Thanks for sharing! You had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! :) I love all their questions!

  3. YOu did it! WAY to go! I'm so proud of you. It's interesting bringing them, isn't it?

  4. YAY... about the 3rd trimester;)

    I also have taken mine.... I love all the "pee in a cup" questions!! And I really expected ONE of mine to attempt it at home.... but so far not yet:)

    Glad the appt went well:)

  5. I love it! So funny how one of the "easy" appointments can really be quite an ordeal with 3 tagging along!

  6. Oh boy what a crew! I understand the challenge first hand. :) My post was on potty too (funny how fascinated kids are by that).

  7. I.LOVED.THIS.STORY!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!! I can't stop laughing!! Their questions are hysterical!!

  8. Oh, goodness...what an adventure! I am trying to find a babysitter for my next appointment so I don't have to deal with the same thing. I took the girls with me to almost all of my appointments with Will, but they ask so many more questions now!

  9. yeah I only had to do it with one but she was there for all of them she wanted to be a doctor too though so she got to "help"

  10. i love when your posts make me lol. but then this one made me lol, like, at least 3 times. which makes me love my nieces and nephew a ton. thanks for sharing all their questions. and maybe bring some duct tape next time for your son's mouth!

  11. This was so fun to read because it brought back so many memories of my OB appointments! I remember having to take my kids with me a couple of times, and I had to have my kids "look away."

    LOL @ the bathroom!!! I can just picture that!

  12. this was possibly the most hilarious post i have read :) i had to bring it in to my friend erin (whose kids were taking a test) and we cracked up :) thanks!


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