His First “Published Work”


The other day after quiet time my oldest emerged from his room with his first book.  I knew nothing of his project until he emerged but was blown away by what he produced.  On the cover page his listed himself as the “osr” and “iliusha” (author and illustrator).   For his first book, he pretty much spells out the gospel message in word and pictures.

Page One:  “God loved us”  (I must say the spelling on this one def made me chuckle).

Bible Book 003

Page Two: God made the stars.  God made the moon, God made the sun. God made the flowers.

God made the stars.  God made the moon, God made the sun. God made the flowers

Page 3: Jesus Loves You. 

Jesus Loves You.

Page 4:  has the tomb with the stone in front, and then Jesus outside of the tomb (notice the marks on his hands?) and the angel in front of the empty tomb.


Jesus outside of the tomb

Last page:  The End.  (notice the bar code at the bottom?)

bible book page 6 

When he showed it to us, my husband immediately said he wanted to scan it into the computer.  When my son heard this he said, “Oh, if you want to scan it then hold on…and he went and drew the “bar code” on the back.

I have many pictures and cards he’s made over the past years, but this is def one of my most treasured.  I love that he spelled it all on his own, I love the pictures he drew, but most importantly, I love the story he chose to tell.


  1. Wonderful! He sure knows his stuff!

  2. That's our Grandson! We are so glad your first book is the salvation message.

  3. i can imagine how excited he was to show you guys. he has such a tender heart - i love my family!

  4. I'm dying. i can't get past that first page!! I love beginner spelling!

  5. That is precious! You need to get that laminated or something : )

  6. Defiantly save that one! what a great book!

  7. My favorite is the way he draws flowers!

  8. Beautiful! The bar code makes me laugh!

  9. Love it!! I can see why that would be your favorite!

  10. You have every reason to be proud as a peacock. So sweet!

  11. That is amazing...definitely something to scan and save! I love the barcode too! :)

  12. Looks like you may have an author on your hands. Love the bar code; that was just too precious.


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