Eager to Serve


The other day my son told me he wanted to make all of us breakfast the next morning. 

The only problem with this very sweet gesture was that it was the end of the month and we were at the “creative” stage of the month/meal plan.

Bread?  No

Milk?  No

Cereal? No

Not much available for a 5 yr old to fix, so I convinced him to wait till after I went grocery shopping on Monday. 

Tuesday morning we woke, and stayed in bed per his request (didn’t really take much convincing since we aren’t exactly early risers). 

A little after 7 we saw him race down the hallway (like a child on Christmas morning). 

I had poured milk and orange juice into glasses the night before (per his request) so that he could do it himself.   He ran to the bedroom once to have me open the jelly (without looking).  And then when he was almost ready, we peeked around the corner and saw this.


“toast for Daddy”


don’t forget the cereal Dad. (brimming with milk)


He made Mommy chocolate Ovaltine


He even made both girls their breakfast as well.

When I asked him what prompted this gesture of love, he told me that they talked the other day at his tutorial about how if your mom was sick, you could help her out by making breakfast for her.  He said, “I thought, why wait till your sick to do it!”


Scott had a meeting he had to rush to get to at work, and we had schoolwork to get done before a well check up at the pediatrician’s office and our field trip that afternoon. 

But we sat and waited while he jellied our toast, poured our cereal, and stirred our milk.  IMG_6312

And as I watched him serve with joy and excitement, I was reminded of the privilege it is to serve one’s family. 

May we always find it a joy to serve.


  1. What a sweet boy you are raising. And how true ... we should be seeking opportunities to serve and share our love for others, not waiting for the chance to fall in our laps. Wise boy!

  2. That brought tears of joy to my eyes! I can imagine his excitement!!! He has a tender heart, God will use that in a very special way! ...He already has!!!

  3. Amen! What a sweet privilege it is!

  4. How sweet!! You are really raising a true gentleman.

  5. Now that is adorable! What a wonderful way to wake up!

    I'm wondering why your page that I follow hasn't been showing up on my read. You've posted a few things since I last saw! Gonna go check it out.

    Have fun with your little gentleman today!

  6. That is great! And what a testament to how you are Scott are raising him and the heart the Lord is working in him. I can't wait to see what kind of man he will become.

  7. Super cute! He'll be making family dinners before you know it!

  8. Why wait until you are sick? That is awesome!! What a great little guy!! That is so wonderful. I need to remember his eagerness to serve.

  9. um, the tears are brimming. i love your kids and how much they all love you! proof that you and Scott are doing an amazing job as parents. please give your son a special hug for me because i miss him and his sweet, sweet heart. thanks, Aunt Karen.

  10. What a sweetie! I'm impressed that you were able to turn him loose in the kitchen. I would have been on edge worrying about messes and broken dishes. Good for you!!!

  11. what a servant's heart. Wow! That is something you will never forget! "why wait until she's sick?" Seriously, what a thoughtful young man you have!

  12. Wow! He is learning sooo young what it means to be a servant! How awesome! You must be doing something right. ;0)
    I love how you got pictures of it all...those are keepers!


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