Time with Gana

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We can not make a trip to the state of California without finding a way to visit Scott’s Nana.  Even though California is a big state, and being in California does not necessarily equate being in Nana’s neighborhood.  Compared to the east coast, anywhere in California is MUCH, MUCH closer to Nana’s than normal.  So, we knew our trip to California, MUST include a visit at Nana’s (or as the kids call her Gana for Great Nana).





We arrived on Thursday in time for dinner.  We took her out to Chipotle.  Then we spent some time just visiting in her living room.  Our daughter proudly showed off her new Chinese dress and shoes.  The girls also demonstrated some gymnastics and our youngest showed her his stuffed animal friends.  Gana enjoyed every minute of it. 



The next morning two of the kids and Scott joined her for her morning walk. 




We then spent the day at her house.  I caught up on laundry and the kids greatly enjoyed playing in her backyard.  I think Nana enjoyed knowing the kids were enjoying her yard and Scott also appreciated that they were playing in the same creek he played in as a child.




This girl was once again in her happy place… building a damn in the creek…Nothing like an afternoon of playing in the mud to bring a smile to her face.


20160729_144211  20160729_144939


For dinner Scott went out to get Jim Boys tacos.  These are Scott’s dad’s most favorite food ever, so a trip to his hometown had to include these.  Nana was blown away by the idea of getting to enjoy Jim Boy tacos without having to leave her house.  Apparently the concept of take out is a new one to her.  It was so precious, how thrilled she was with getting to enjoy these tacos in her own home.  She said it was like a party.




It was a fun and yummy meal.  The kids enjoyed building forts and also playing card games and Nana enjoyed having her house once again filled with the sounds and antics of children.  They all sat down and watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune together. 


20160729_162615  20160729_190901

IMG_1458  IMG_1419


IMG_1445As I sat and talked with her about her life, I once again found myself grateful for this stage of life I am in.  I know, I know that older people are always saying things like “Don’t blink, these days with your kids go by so fast.”  And I know that young moms are often replying, “but I am so tired and the days are long and it’s too much pressure to say don’t blink.”   Nana never said to me “Don’t blink.”  But still as we sat and chatted about her life, I just got the sense the these days I am living in right now… THESE moments with the piles of laundry and the sink full of dishes… the kids arguing in the back seats and the rushing off to practices…. these days with my kids all home, together, WITH me…. these are the good old days.  And she didn’t even need to tell me to treasure them for me to realize, that these years are a gift… a treasure.  I don’t love laundry or house cleaning or refereeing kids disputes.  But, I LOVE, L-O-V-E  being a Mom.  And while I’ll be their Mom for as long as I live, they won’t all live together with me for as long as I live.  My time spent with Nana caused me to reflect on what a truly priceless time this is. 

Saturday morning the kids, on their own, set their alarm for 7am so they were sure to be up with Gana (who woke at 6:30).  The kids and I joined her for her morning walk, while Scott snuck out for a surprise. 

Gana’s 90th Birthday is in a few weeks.  And since we won’t be with her on her birthday, the kids thought we should still do something to celebrate with her.  So, we had doughnuts and sang to her.  She loved it.  The kids actually sang, “Are you one… are you two…”  all the way to 90 :-).






Scott loves and respects his Nana.  He has as long as I have known him and long before I met her, I too loved her, just because of how he talked of her.  He grew up on the other side of the country from her and truly wishes he could have spent more time with her growing up, but that lack of time together did not equate a lack of love and devotion. 







As always, the time went by quicker than any of us wanted it to, but all of us were thankful for the opportunity to spend some quality time with Nana at her home.  I am hopeful that the kids are all old enough to be able to truly remember the time spent with her.  For, she is truly one special lady.



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