The Pacific Ocean!!!

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After leaving Joshua Tree, we were headed west for the Pacific Ocean.  We checked out the visitor center and checked in with the boat company about our day trip the following day.  Then we stopped at Subway to grab subs for dinner on the beach.  IMG_9270

We were camping at a State Park which had walking access to the beach.  We all greatly enjoyed eating dinner overlooking the ocean and than splashing in the waves afterwards.  The kids LOVE the beach and the ocean.

IMG_9210  IMG_9224


Handstands are a spontaneous part of how they play  IMG_9248



I truly think the beach is this girls happy place.  She loves to race the waves and splash in them.  She loves to dig in the muddy sand.  She doesn’t mind the gritty sand all over her skin and in her bathing suit, in fact, I think she relishes in it.  She smiles the entire time she is there and never wants to leave.


This guy loved the waves and the sand, but also with equal enthusiasm enjoyed bird watching.  He laughed whenever the sea gulls would cry out and he was always calling for us to take a picture of the birds that were flying over the ocean.

This picture reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs  IMG_9434  IMG_9385


They raced the waves and guessed where it would stop

I love this boy.  Can’t believe how quickly he is growing up.


Something about the sand and the sea that makes getting a smiling picture of these four, quite easy.

IMG_9238   IMG_9283



We bid a reluctant farewell to the beach, so we could set up our tent and get ready for our boat ride in the morning to see Channel Island National Park.

There is a funny story to go with this picture


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