Please can we climb some more?


While we pack a lot into these trips, the over all plan is always pretty fluid.  Scott and I had always left a second night at Joshua Tree as an option in our itinerary.  After a great evening sunset, animal show, morning hike, and visit to the visitors center, the heat of the day had us thinking perhaps we should move on to cooler pastures.  The kids however had so much fun climbing around Jumbo Rocks that they unanimously voted we stay the second night.  So, after our afternoon siesta, we headed back into Joshua Tree and spent a few hours just playing on the rocks at Quail Springs (not really a Spring the best we could tell).

We all did a little bouldering together.


IMG_8796  IMG_8847  IMG_8821

Scott took the older three and found a route to the top.

IMG_8810  IMG_8834

View from the topIMG_8829

He then took the youngest on a quest of his own.


After that we again were left with a decision to make… head back to camp for a campfire or take a sunset hike first.  The kids were game for more hiking and the colors and temperatures were so nice we delayed dinner till after another hike.  This time we hiked Hidden Valley. It was a super fun hike for all of us.



Climbers like to climb this rock face (officially called, “The Great Burrito” but we couldn't see it).


We did find a rock we could name however.  Bet you’ll never guess what the kids nicknamed this rock.


Scott and I really find “dead” trees to be quite beautiful.  The kids know this and you’ll hear them call out on our hikes, “Dad look, another dead tree, want a picture?”  The answer is usually yes.

IMG_8937  IMG_8917


We ended our full day at Joshua Tree by roasting hot dogs round the campfire and under the stars.  It was a really nice evening and we were all really glad we stayed.


The next morning Scott woke early (thanks in large part to the hole in our air mattress) and went out to capture the sunrise. 



He also claims to have discovered and photographed a new petroglyph but we’ll let you be the judge.



By the time the kids and I were up and at it, the temps were rising and the bees were swarming our campsite.  Two of us were stung before we got our gear packed away and we hit the road.  Wasn’t the best send off, but we are all still glad we stayed the extra night at Joshua Tree.


  1. Love following your journey Crystal! It is a journey my husband and I have talked about taking many times. Your posts make me want it to happen even more :)

  2. Love
    Love it!
    (Ahem...and we have the same picture of the same rock with our kiddo doing the same thing! Ha! Booty Rock!)

  3. Wow! I didn't even think about being prepared for bee stings on such a journey!


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