Back to School!

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The circus fam started back to school last week.  Some students were more enthusiastic than others. IMG_2397
And yes, I decided to do recorders for music this year.    After our Bible lesson, our very first lesson of the 2015-16 school year was music.  30 minutes of ear piercing recorder playing. The kids are enthusiastic and I am finding it to be an IMMENSE lesson in patience for this Momma.
After years of watching round the table, my youngest was beyond excited.  And I must say his excitement was rather contagious.  I am totally keeping his art project from this day, forever.  It was his very first art project on his very first day of school.  He was so proud and enthusiastic and I was rather impressed.  (art for kids hub is a WONDERFUL resource for art with kids).
Our tutorial doesn’t start until Sept 14, but I felt that was MUCH, MUCH too long to wait to start school, so we began on August 31st.  We have been working very, very hard on math, as well as reading, art, music, and we even took two field trips in the first two weeks. 
IMG_2401  IMG_2423
Scott is working on setting up our computer station for school this year and I am SO excited about it!. 
During week one, we visited the Sight and Sound Theatre and saw Joseph.  This fits in perfectly with our history study of Ancient Egypt first quarter.
During week 2, we visited the Museum of Industry in Baltimore.  This was so exciting to me, because I had really wanted to take them last school year when we studied the Industrial Revolution.  We didn’t make it, but they had a homeschool day yesterday and I was glad we could take advantage of it before we started in on the new history curriculum.  Perfect timing!
IMG_2825  IMG_2818
It has been a wonderful first two weeks of school and I am actually excited to delve fully in next week when they return to our two day a week tutorial.  It is without a doubt, going to be my hardest year of homeschooling yet.  But, I have been working hard to get us on track, and if we stick to our schedule, I think we will all make out well.  


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