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I think one of my favorite things about our annual Labor Day weekend away with our friends, is the fact that it has elevated Labor Day to the status of super special holiday.  Prior to our tradition (14 years in the making) Labor Day was just a three day weekend at the end of the summer, or a reprieve as you adjust to the routine of school back in session.  Because my kids have literally grown up celebrating Labor Day with a 3 day weekend away with friends that feel more like family, they assume Labor Day is right up there with Thanksgiving.  


Ok, maybe that is my second favorite thing about Labor Day.  My first favorite thing is watching our children grow in their friendships with each other.


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And every year I think I am enjoying it more than the last, but this year I feel like we truly are in that sweet spot where the kids are old enough for both us and them to enjoy letting them have independence.

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Aside from the fact that we did eat three meals together as a group each day, and we had our our church service together Sunday morning,  there was no structure to our day.




I love the time gathering all together and worshipping our Lord as a group.

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The property that we have stayed at the last several years is AMAZING!  And the kids take FULL advantage of the fun to be had from sun up to sun down.

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They took hikes, splashed in the stream, built a fort, shot sling shots, swung on the tree swing, caught cray fish, went canoeing, swam in the lake, played Ghost in the Graveyard, and so much more.  Then there was of course board games, and books and coloring and the pool table.  We also added a fantasy football draft for those interested. 

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So many special memories were made as friendships grew and my heart was filled with gratitude.  Gratitude for the 5 ladies who God brought into my life way back in high school, for the men they married, for their children and for the friendships between the 36 of us.

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