Take a Hike!

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Our tutorial was off on Monday and we decided to have Scott take off as well and have a family fun day.  We toyed with the idea of camping trip, but instead opted to stay home and go on outings Sat, Sun, and Monday.  It was a really nice weekend. We found a hike only an hour away.  It was PERFECT! 

IMG_3376We slept in, took care of a few things around the house and hit the road a little after 11. We got to the trail head and enjoyed a picnic lunch along the water.  Then we hit the trail! 


As we walked we ended up splitting off into three groups.  Our oldest and our third child took the lead.  My 9 year old and I took the middle and Scott and the youngest were in the rear.IMG_3532

It was super cute to watch them walk side by side. 


I love the fact that she grabs my hand to hold.  She said to be, “So, is it too early to start talking about my birthday?”  My response:  “too soon to talk about your February birthday? No way!” 


Meanwhile I could hear the non stop chattering behind us of my 5 year old.  A few hours in, Scott called up and said, “Guess what.  He is officially out of words.”  None of us thought that was possible.


We found logs to cross, rocks to climb, water to wade in and all in all it was 5.1 miles of bliss.


IMG_3484  IMG_3490




I hope it was the first of more local day hikes.  It was a truly wonderful day.  . 


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