A Spontaneous Week Away

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Sometimes when Scott tells me he has to go on travel for work, part of me wishes I could just crawl in his suitcase and tag along.  So when Scott came home and told me he was going to be traveling to Florida for a week and suggested that maybe we come, I was thrilled! 
I had to do some finagling with our schedule…. move an eye doctor appointment, get someone to trade meal train dates with me and brace the girls for the fact that they would need to miss a week of practice (this of course was met with GREAT weeping and gnashing of teeth, b/c these girls love gymnastics practice more than just about anything on earth)…. but I was able to work it all out.  And then I had about 36 hours to pack our family of 6 for a week away. 
And, my incredibly wonderful and loving and selfless husband took a day of vacation so he could drive his family of 6 down the entire east coast instead of just waking up on a work day and hopping a plane…. just so that while he spent 4 days working on a business trip, we could spend 4 days in a hotel right on the Atlantic Ocean.

Seriously, Scott is THE BEST, EVER! 
In actuality, he got to spend a few hours on the beach with us on Tuesday morning and another few hours on the beach/pool with us on Friday evening…
Check out the size of those waves!
IMG_3667 IMG_3679
…. other than that, he woke before the sun came up and got back to the hotel as it was setting. We did join him for late dinners 3 of the evenings, and the kids and I really enjoyed eating out all week, but I felt bad for him when he would peek out at the waves before leaving in the morning and upon returning at night.  Meanwhile the kids and my schedule looked like this.
Sleep in
Play board games
Go to beach/pool
Come back and make sandwiches in the room for lunch
Do schoolwork
Go back to beach/pool
Come back for late afternoon snack/more school work
(Yup, she even practiced her violin while we were away….)
Go out to eat dinner with Dad
and go to bed…..
Friday evening was the PERFECT ending to the week.  He got back to the hotel in time to boogie board for a bit before dark, then we all went swimming in the pool, which we had to ourselves!  And ended with some time in the hot tub and then we went out for a late dinner at Friendly’s! 
Literally the cherry on top of a wonderful week away.
Saturday we took a leisurely stroll along the beach, packed up and hit the road around 12:45. 
When we got in the van we weren’t sure if we were going to try to drive all the way home or just go until we got tired. 
We pulled into our driveway around 2:45am.
The kids were TOTAL champs.  They got out of the van TWICE!  TWICE!!  Once in Ga for a quick potty break while we got some Starbucks for mom and Dad, and again in SC for a very, very late dinner at Chipotle… which we ordered to go and ate in the van.  They were amazing!  I think they love road trips as much as their crazy parents do.
And I loved having a week away from my normal life to just enjoy the kids.  I felt bad for Scott as he had to spend the week working, but for me it was a true break.  And I really enjoyed the time with the kids.  I don’t take enough time to just play with them and it was nice to have some undistracted time to do just that. I was also so glad that instead of a week of not seeing Scott, we got to spend time with him every single evening!  And instead of it being a hard week of flying solo with homeschool, doing all the driving to and from practices, and making meals…. I actually had a break….no cooking and  goodness I even had housekeeping make my bed for me!  What a treat! And the ocean.  Oh how I loved being right on the ocean.  Looking out at it all day long.  Listening to the waves pound the shore.  It was beautiful.  Besides our honeymoon to St Lucia, we’ve never done a beach vacation…. a true, stay in a hotel, right on the ocean for a week, vacation…. what a treat! 
A few of my favorite memories from the week, were….
1. This rainbow! 
an entire FULL rainbow over the Atlantic!  Right outside our window.  I couldn’t even fit it all in the camera.  (though I did get it on video).  The kids LOVED it!  My oldest said it was his first time ever seeing a full rainbow.  The colors right at the water were so bright and clear, my 9 year old said, “Oh my, that is vivid!  That is what vivid means.  I have now seen vivid.”  (vivid was a vocab word of hers a few weeks ago… I love that she drew that connection).
It was so funny b/c at first we just saw a little glimpse of the rainbow in the sky and I called the kids over, then each time we looked it just kept growing, till it was a full arch, and then you could even see a faint second rainbow.  A FULL DOUBLE RAINBOW over the ocean!
On another day we actually saw a second rainbow, though it wasn’t as vivid.
2. Every Single Moring my five year old would walk over to the blinds and peer out at the ocean as if to see if it was still there, then he’d go to the bathroom, and crawl back in bed for an hour or so.  I loved how much he was in love with the view of the ocean.  He always chose to do his school work either on the balcony or beside the sliding glass window. 
One time when we were looking out over the ocean he said, “Mom, I think I can even see Kansas out there.” bahahahaha……. looks like we still have some geography to work on.  Smile
What a wonderfully fun week!


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