“We are Scientists”

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This week I took my girls on a field trip with their classmates from our tutorial.  We visited a Science Center run by the local school system.   The kids learned how to observe the world around them and record those observations.  They studied bugs and wild life found in our area as well as learned about camouflage and even played a game to reinforce the concept.

They got to use almost all of their senses.  It was such a nice treat for them to skip book work for a day.

But, truthfully, my most favorite part happened today. 

Today I sent them all outside for recess.    And the girls decided they were going to be scientists.  They backed their bags with clipboards and paper, got some binoculars and hopped on their bikes to observe the world around them. IMG_1051

When they came in for lunch, I asked them what they founds.  “3 birds, a squirrel, and 2 earthworm habitats.”

I loved watching them practice in play what they did on their field trip the other day.  I loved that they found science so entertaining they would choose to spend their playtime engaging in it.  And I love that they are scientists.  Check out what they wrote on the driveway in sidewalk chalk.


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  1. Just love it!! That is what you call true learning - and application. Great job teaching


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