Happy Birthday to Wendy!

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Yesterday the family celebrated our beloved pup’s 1st birthday.  We gave her a giant bone at lunch and after dinner we all enjoyed some Wendy’s Jr Frosties…. seemed fitting.  We even presented her with a new squeak toy.


I have never been a dog person, though I have appreciated the canine members of our house.  There is something about watching a pup patiently accept the rough love of a toddler that warms a Momma’s heart. 


Wendy has snuggled her way into my heart in a way I never expected though.  I don’t love her simply b/c she is good to my kids.  Though she is.

I just love her.

She’s become my shadow.  Quite literally.  Where ever I go, she goes.  Down to the basement to switch a load of laundry she’s there…. Back to the kitchen to prep dinner, she’s laying on my feet while I am using the mixer.  Teaching school, she’s snuggled under the table sleeping.  She even scratches at the door to the bathroom if I forget to let her in with me.  She sits beside the tub, every day when I take my shower.  Reading a book on the couch or watching a movie in the basement, she’s by side. And she sleeps on our bed every night.  And while she has developed a few rather annoying habits (like barking every time a noise startles her, viciously attacking the vacuum every time I use it, and peeing whenever Scott greets her when he comes in the door…) even with all of those less admirable qualities… I realize I love her.  I truly love her.  I can’t imagine going through the day without her by my side.    Though it’s safe to say I don’t really like dogs in general, I genuinely adore and love Wendy.  I am grateful to have her as part of our family.


Happy Birthday Wendy!  Here’s to many more years with you as my shadow.

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  1. I agree She is a really super puppy that took my heart last summer. What a cute party!!! Happy Birthday Wendy


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