Hearts and Snow

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Thanks to the snow fall cancelling our evening activities, we had time to bake and decorate some heart shaped cookies last night.


(it should be noted after my previous post on Red Lake 40… that these cookies were decorated with all natural food dye from Whole Foods)


The snow looked magical as we watched it fall outside our windows.  I called the kids down from bed to watch it for a bit and then let them sleep with their blinds open so they could fall asleep watching it.  I love falling asleep watching the snow fall.



We’ve gotten to enjoy several snow falls this winter, but this was the first snowman building snow we’ve had.


This was supposed to be the mid section of our snow man, but he made it so big, it ended up being the base. I love his face here.



He was so in love with this snow man.  He held it’s hand and said, “Momma, Frosty likes me!”



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  1. A bundle of snow fun this winter!! Love the cookie decorating also.


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