Family Field Trip Fun

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When we switched out history curriculum this year so that the whole family studies the same period of history (with varying level of work catered to their age level), one of the reasons I was MOST excited was that our field trips would be applicable to all. 

When our tutorial gave off for Presidents Day, I was eager to take advantage of the day free of book work to go on a field trip.  Being Presidents Day, I did a search for some American Revolution themed activities not far from us.  And I found out that Valley Forge scheduled several special activities in honor of Presidents Day.  In fact, I know there are other days when they hold special events, but I really think Presidents Day was the perfect day to visit the park, because there was so much going on.  To make the day even better, we got to to go as an entire family. 

It was a little over a two hour drive from our house.  We left around 9 am and got there in time to enlist in the Contintental Army, meet the General and his wife and practice some weaving before the General’s birthday party. IMG_0369



After he cut the cake, we headed out for our military training. 


The General made a special appearance here as well to inspect his troops and inspire them with a moving speech.  My three year old loved pumping his fist in the air and shouting, “Hip Hip Huzzah!” 

military training

We ate our lunch in the van while we drove around the grounds.  It was larger than we realized.  Then we got to watch a weapon demonstration (a highlight for our boys) and then go inside of a replica soldiers hut where someone was dressed in period costume and answered our many, many questions.  IMG_0469


It was a perfect day.  The sun was shining on the snow covered fields.  There was a brisk chill in the air which helped us sympathize with the troops.  I think we all took something away from the experience and enjoyed the time together as a family.  On our drive home our three year old said, “Today was just like bacation!” 


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  1. Man, you guys really packed it in! So glad you all got to do it together. And your youngest little soldier is adorable!


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