Walking in the Garden


I know it isn’t very seasonal to have 66 degree weather the night of winter solstice.  But I gotta confess I didn’t mind it one bit as that was the evening I’d been planning to take the kids to see the lights at Brookside Gardens.  I had never been but heard someone talking about them once.  Unlike other light displays, this one you park and get out and walk.  Which could be a hard sell for 4 kids on a cold winter night.  But, this Saturday the weather was perfect.  (and clearly we weren’t the only ones who thought so as we had to sit an hour in line at the parking lot before we could get in). 

Seriously, my three year old walked around all night in short sleeves with NO JACKET… In DECEMBER. 


The lights were impressive.  It was really enjoyable to walk around the gardens and enjoy the displays. IMG_9315IMG_9318IMG_9356

The bull frog which actually croaked was amongst our favorites.


The lightning storm and rainbow were pretty cool too.


Two of the kids decided to demonstrate their bravery and stick their hands in the lion’s mouth.  (I think this is my favorite shot of the night).IMG_9433

In the end I found it worth the drive and wait to spend a relaxing evening with the family walking around a garden of lights. 


But, now I say, bring on some snow!


  1. It looks beautiful. I've never heard of this place. Where is it and do they have a web site?

  2. That looks amazing! So glad you got to enjoy it in the warm weather!


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