A Letter to My Kids


Dear Children of Mine,

10 years from now when you are wondering what in the world to get Mom for Christmas, I have an idea for you.  So write it down and stick it away and remember it when your 19, 17, 16, and 13. 

All I want for Christmas, is you.  It’s true… nothing wrapped under the tree could possible come close to time spent with you.  So, if you really want to make my day, ask me if we can make sugar cookies together.

Like we did back in 2013. 

You can invite your roomate from college, that boy from church you think is kinda cute, your bff… the more the merrier… just promise me you’ll lick the icing and giggle over the snow men that turned out looking more like moustaches.  And then, AFTER your friends all leave, I’ll pull out these pictures from back in the day and we can laugh and giggle over the flour ALL over your shirt and pants and those goofy 3D glasses the you decided to wear while icing the cookies.  I’ll tell you that even then I knew you’d be the comedian of our family. 

I promise, it would mean more to me than you’ll ever know.  So I’ll tuck these pictures away for us to smile and laugh at then.

Love Always, Mom






  1. Love your great ideas.
    Love your great Kiddos.
    Love your great tasting cookies.
    Love YOU.

  2. Not only is the gift of companionship one that keeps on giving, it is one filled with more possibilities for pleasure than any store-bought treasure!


  3. WOW So true You have written some pretty special posts this month Just LOVE this one too
    Should I send the pictures I have of you and your brother decorating cookies?!?!?!
    Those ten years will fly by too quickly :-( ENJOY


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