Late Night Cleaning Spree


The other night I came up to kiss the girls goodnight and found them voluntarily cleaning their room. 

And folks,I don’t mean stuffing toys under their beds and clothes down the laundry shoot.  I found them in the closet sorting and they asked me for a laundry basket and a trashcan.   It was already past their bed time, but they were clearly in the cleaning mode. 

And I know when it comes to things like Deep Cleaning you gotta embrace the mood when it hits.  So, I said, “Here you go, go to town girls, but stay quiet.”

When I peeked in on them later I found them asleep in an truly immaculate bedroom, with these piles at their door.piles

My type A sorter LOVES piles… everything is always in piles or bags… at first glance it can sometimes look like clutter, but there is almost always a system in place. 

I LOVED the labels on the piles.  I learned the next morning, that the piles were left for me to put away… clearly labeled with where it all went.  Ha! Here are the piles…

Middle Floor

middle floor

the books

the books

toys and color stuff

the toy







My favorites… basemint and logre.  

If only the boys would get struck with that same cleaning bug…not holding my breath on that one. 


  1. WOW Great job girls!! They could be the next HGTV Mission Organization team

  2. Wow! That's amazing! I can't ever imagine such a story would ever happen over here! :)

  3. My best cleaning comes at night, too. But I'm never as organized to have labels on my piles! I'm impressed with these girls of yours. When, oh when, can you send them to my house?? My logre needs to be organized!


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