An Epic Week


A State of the Union here at the Circus Casa on this Friday afternoon would include a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, a living room with traces of party balloons and presents strewn about, a dining room bursting with hearts and red and a pile at the bottom of the laundry shoot at near epic proportions.

It’s been a full week at the circus.  Started the week off celebrating my daughters 7th birthday… she had a party, a gymnastics meet, and grandparents and cousins in town for the occasion.   On Monday I served as Parent of the Day at the kids tutorial (which always leaves me feeling dead tired, a little cranky and over the top impressed by my working mom friends), Tuesday was Tuesday… it’s the most exhausting, most challenging, most jam packed day of my week…On Wednesday we  celebrated  Chinese New Year for our family fun night and Valentine’s Day was on Thursday….somewhere in the midst of all the celebrations we scrambled to maintain the weekly juggle of school, potty  training, and taxi driving back and forth to Cub Scouts and gymnastics….we even had a Cub Scout field trip to the Police Station this week. 

So, of course, what better thing to do on this Friday afternoon when the youngest is sleeping and the older three are enjoying an extended recess on the trampoline in this Spring like weather, but to blog.   Because this Momma is too tired to tackle laundry or dishes and this moment of tranquility is too rare to not stop and soak it in. 

What a week. 


photo 1 (1)

We had so much fun celebrating Chinese New Years on our family fun night.  We colored paper finger puppet snakes b/c it is the year of the Snake and I introduced the kids to the movie Mulan.  (forgot how much I liked that movie)



And we had fortune cookies for dessert.


Valentine’s Day was full of yummy foods in heart shapes as well as some cards and small presents to show the family how much I love them.  Topped off with mug shots at the police station.  Because that’s how we roll…IMG_9448

What a week!


  1. Whew!!! I'm exhausted just reading this post :-) Enjoy a few minutes to breathe before another week starts. Love you all

  2. Ugggggh!!! We live the same lives and I celebrate and want to curl up and sleep! So love you!

  3. So busy! Thanks for making so much time for us. We had a blast with you guys. Of course, any chance to eat ice cream is a win in my book. I hope you get a (relatively) quiet weekend!


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