My little circus clown


The youngest circus member is 2 and a half now.  (HOW CAN THAT BE?) And I have to tell you he makes me laugh.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY with the cute little things he says, the WAY he says them and those precious little facial expressions.   He totally has my heart. 


He still LOVES choo-choos.  Plays with them every day.  He has also recently started enjoying Sesame Street…particularly Elmo (who he affectionately calls Emo)  (like Nemo only no N) 

He loves to run around the circle on our main level… many, many times a day he will run laps around that circle then come to me and say “faster and faster?”  He’ll wait with these precious expectant eyes for me to say “yes, faster and faster” and he’ll take off running again.

Yesterday when the kids were doing school at the table, he happily colored beside them.  Then he walked over and handed me his paper and said, “I’m done my math Mommy.”

The big kids were playing Rock, Paper Scissors, Shoot… the other day in the car when he too chimed in with “Wrapping Paper Shoot!”

But, by far the most precious thing he’s said to me recently was last night when I was changing his diaper (yea… that potty train took a big LONG stop back in November and he hasn’t hopped back aboard yet)… as I was changing his diaper and he was fussing and I admit I was a bit grumpy, I said to him, “Ya know, your not a baby in a more.  You don’t need diapers, you’re a big boy and can go on the potty.”  His response melted me.  “I not a baby?”  he asked. "No, you’re a big boy,” I responded.  And then, no lie, he said,

“No Momma I your baby”

Ok… he had me hook, line and sinker… he can just stay my little baby forever. 


  1. so soo sweet! I also love "wrapping Paper shoot!" because it makes so much more sense to him, being right after Christmas and all. :)

  2. Awwww..... Love that little nephew of ours!

  3. Love all the GGkids Miss all of you We are snowed in Pap has been doing all the runing won`t let me got he is afraid I will fall Some times my legs feel like wood. my hands won`t let me crochet yet. Going crasy but I can read Got a knook foe Christmas Love it It is so light Bye now

  4. What a little sweetheart he is! Love that smile! Can't believe he is two and a half already. It seems like just yesterday you were pregnant on here or had a baby in the house. But as he said, he's still your baby. :)


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