It Doesn’t Take Much…


We finally got some snow this week.  I really use the term “some” rather loosely.  Does it count as snow if you still see blades of grass poking up through the white?  IMG_8934

It appears it does.  Because I had to do just as much work gathering hats, mittens, snow pants, and boots to bundle up my 4 little Eskimos to head out and play.  And even though the mountain of soggy laundry was higher than the snow fall accumulation, I gotta say they had a solid 2 + hours of fun dragging each other around in the snow and sweeping off our steps.  And we got 3 days of hot chocolate out of it as well.  IMG_8961 

Brother of the year award goes to my 8 year old,who cheerfully pulled all 3 of his siblings around on the sled.IMG_8955


And then he pushed them down our “hill”IMG_8965

I learned a lesson watching them out the window this morning.  You can complain and whine because we didn’t get as much snow as others or we don’t have a real hill.  Or you can go out and make do with what you have.


2+ hours of fun and the only complaint I heard was of soggy mittens.


They each took turns pulling the sled around the court.  What a work out!




While he didn’t last quite as long as the big kids out there, my youngest little “oompa loompa” had quite a fun time in his oversized snow apparel. 


I’m so thankful for a little bit of white stuff for the kids to enjoy… as well as the fireplace and hot chocolate to warm them up with afterwards. 


  1. They must have slept so well that night! Especially your oldest. The funny thing is that they'll always remember that hill as being so much bigger than it actually is. Your oompa loompa had it better than our youngest - we don't have snow boots his size so we just wrapped plastic bags around his feet. Poor kid.

  2. You had just the right amount of snow!!! Enough for a wonderful time together. Love the pictures

  3. You need a saucer But they had fun glad to see they aleast got alittle snow Poor maggie She sure does follow the kids around We got the picture you could not have sent any thing better LOVE IT AN LOOK AT IR ALL THE TIME. love Gma Gpap Mema PAP .

  4. I've always loved the Circus crew's penchant for making their own fun. What an awesome big brother to pull around everyone on the sled. Wish we could give you some of our snow! (Which, thankfully, just melted today). Miss you friend!


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