Tricks or Treats


It was our first time trick or treating in the new neighborhood and I gotta say it felt weird this year not doing it with our neighbor like we’ve done for the past several years.  It wasn’t the same.

Still we had a good time dressing up as our favorite characters and chowing down on candy bar after candy bar when we got home.  We let the kids go all in and devour their loot when they got home… then we let that sugar coma set in while we vegged on the couch with a little Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. 

This year we had Batman and Batgirl swoop in on the bad guys of Gotham City.




As well as the American girl doll Kit (don’t they look like twins?)


and bringing up the rear like a caboose was our very own Choo-Choo…


We now have waaaaay more candy than any household should have in its possession.


Happy Halloween from the Circus Fam 2012!


  1. They all Look so happy. Did the train get to walk? It looks like a sleeping bag. Sorry I missed it.

  2. They look so happy! But who wouldn't after consuming their weight in candy??! I love their costumes, and I love their animation! If you ever need them all to smile in a picture again, just dress them up like super-heros! Or cute little dolls. Or choo-choos!


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