All Aboard the Potty Train


While he’s been interested in going on the potty for awhile now… even going on his own every once and awhile, I haven’t yet been reading to dive full in to the potty training process with my youngest.   Just last week I was talking to a friend about our 2 year olds and I told her "I am not ready yet.” 

Because potty training is a lot of work.  It takes time and patience and flexibility.   While it is great to emerge on the other side with a child who no longer needs diapers, the process of getting there is, in my opinion, no fun.

But, today while at Target for more diapers b/c he was wearing the very last one I could find in the house (as in I had already scoured the van, all the bathrooms, and dug this one out of the corner of the closet.. very last one), we stumbled down the underwear aisle and the kids found “choo choo” undies which he of course got so excited about. 

I bought them b/c I knew they would be great incentive for the day when we started potty training.  But, I also pot a box of diapers b/c I wasn’t yet sure if that day was today… and plus, come on, it takes awhile to emerge on the other side. 

We got home and he eagerly pulled out the choo choo underwear.  I told him he had to go potty first. 

His face lit up, “Ok, I go potty!”

Look at him looking back to check out his work. 


And then he proudly points to it showing me how he went potty right there.


When he was done he raced out to put on his underwear.  I explained that he can’t pee pee on the choo choos.  If he pee pees he has to go on the potty or a diaper. 

So, he ran back to go on the potty more time. 

Then he paraded around in his new underwear.  I was working on something on the computer and turned around to see he had grabbed my phone and was trying to call Daddy.  He was holding the phone to his ear and said, “Daddy, look I got choo choos… See them Daddy?  (holds phone to his underwear)  Daddy look at my choo choos.” 

Oh my it was soooo precious. 

I guess it’s time to hop aboard the potty train.  It seems to be leaving whether I am ready or not! 


  1. The right incentive works wonders. It could be your easiest yet. Have to keep those choo choos dry :-)

  2. Wow, talk about a kid who was ready!

  3. You summed about my feelings about potty training (and the need to buy new diapers) perfectly! I am still dragging my feet with Katie who will be three at Thanksgiving! Yikes!

    Those pictures of him on the potty are adorable! He is one excited choo choo undie wearing boy! Seriously, holding the phone to the choo choo' cute!

    Happy Potty Training!

  4. This was so sweet! Thank you for the smile tonight.

    I totally felt the same way when it was time to potty train Ben. He was ready long before I was ready. I think the third time around we drag our feet until they beat us to it and practically train themselves. : )

  5. Kids that train themselves? Where can I get one of those?? Although, I have to admit, Eli has been pretty easy... but I'm convinced it's because I waited SO long after he was ready (for all of the feet-dragging reasons you listed above) that he caught on pretty quickly. Of course, since he's older, too, his accidents are *that much* more fun to deal with.

  6. I like this post and he's so cute!


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