He’s Still my Baby


My lil man reached a major milestone today as he played in the sand. 

We’ve been going to the beach, splashing in the water and playing in the sand all summer long.  And all summer long he has wanted to put fist full upon fist full of sand into his mouth.  You’d think eventually cause and effect would come in to play, but he never seemed to mind the mouth full of grit.  Even when all I had to wash it out with was a mouth full of salty bay water.  It was the single most frustrating aspect of our afternoons at the bay.  I can’t just hold him the entire time and yet if I set him down he’s eating dirt.  IMG_1385

Well, today I held him till he grew wiggly and set him down.  Fully expecting him to begin his typical sandy snack.  But, he didn’t… IMG_1414

He sat and dug and picked up sand and dug and then splashed water in his bucket for a good 45 minutes… he crawled around in the hot sand, happily playing, and not ONCE putting any sand in his mouth!  I couldn’t believe it.  I kept gushing and then had to take pictures.  This is a huge milestone!  This makes beach time truly fun FOR ALL in the circus clan!  Oh happy day! 


After almost an hour of fun in the sun, I suggested we not push our luck any further, so we went up to the shade for some lunch.

Now doesn’t he look waaaay too grown up sitting at the table eating his own peanut butter sandwich?


Clearly, he is the baby of the family, because I could not stop gushing at the site of him sitting at the table and eating his own sandwich…


Can you blame me though?


I just love the mouth full of peanut butter..


As the big kids went back to the beach, I was really starting to melt after all that gushing over my baby growing up so much. 

And so, just to make his momma’s heart swell a lil more, he took his pacifier, laid his head down on my chest and fell into a deep hard sleep in my arms while I watched his sisters and brother play with their friends.  Proving that while he may be growing up, he’s still my baby!


  1. Oh! Way to get right to Mamma's heart! So cute and growing up. Really enjoy those times of snuggling with that baby before he skips right along with those older sibs. Terrific post!!!!

  2. I can relate so well to where you are with him! He seems like such a sweet baby. I know you're cherishing the moments with him as your baby!

  3. I feel like he is really advanced for a young 1 year old. I love how well he sits at the table. Way to go both of you :)


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