A Date with my Son


6 Flags Amusement park offered a free ticket to any K-6 grade student that registered for their Read to Succeed program and completed 6 hrs of non school required reading.  As a bonus, the teacher who enrolled the student also got a free ticket.  So, that meant this home schooling momma got a ticket for herself and her son to 6 Flags.

I kept track of his reading in the spring and when he completed 6 hrs of recreational reading, unannounced to him, I registered him for the free ticket.  The tickets arrived at the beginning of the summer.  I then offered him the ticket if he read 10 books this summer.  Sneaky, I know!

He worked hard and achieved the goal though.  And thanks to a dear friend who watched my other 3 children, we were off for a day together at 6 Flags as his reward!

He was particularly looking forward to riding his first real, roller coaster.  When we first arrived the 2 wooden coasters that he was tall enough for, were not running though.  So, we enjoyed the kiddie coaster as well as a few other rides.


When we saw the roller coaster was open, we set off to find the entrance and wait in line. 

I gotta tell you, I don’t like roller coasters.  But, he was so excited and I didn’t want to ruin his fun.  So, we waited in line.  The whole time he’s bouncing up and down.  “Wow… it goes 60 mph… that’s awesome… wow… look how long it is Mom!  Are you so excited?    I was not so excited, but figured at least it didn’t go upside down, surely we could get through this. 

We sit in the seat.  It’s going up the hill… he’s raising his arms, he’s so excited…

And then we head down…

He’s white as a ghost and says, “Mom, I don’t like this.”

Poor guy…

I put my arm around him and as it twisted and turned and careened down the hill, I just kept repeating, “We’re ok bud… we’re going to get through this… we’re ok bud.” 

The ride ended and we got off. 

He says, “Wow Mom, that was a lot of force on my body.”

As we set off for a snack he asks if I liked it.  I tell him how typically with rides like that I really dread going on them but once I am on them, they aren’t really as bad as I thought. 

He laughs and says, “It was the exact opposite for me!  I was so excited before and once I was on it, I really didn’t like it.”


Funnel cake and soda… perfect food for our “post roller coaster” tummies!

We then set out for the Lazy River… He LOVED the lazy river.. granted he wasn’t all that lazy as he jumped in and out of the inner tube the whole time… but he did pause a few times and say, “So Mom, what do you wanna talk about?” 

We really enjoyed our day at the park.  The lines weren’t long, the weather was perfect, and I cherished that rare one on one time with my oldest. I will confess that I was kinda grateful he didn’t LOVE the roller coaster as it meant we were done with coasters for the afternoon.  I think when my daughters reach 48 inches tall, I’m sending Scott!

My favorite memories of the day are probably the smile on his face when he scored the black tea cup on the tea cup ride… the way he always gave me the first inner tube when we were getting into the lazy river…and driving with him in the old fashioned car…


  1. What a great day - and very special rewarding time for reading this summer. Glad that you both had a good day. I also love that lazy river :-)

  2. This makes me so excited I have sons! What an amazing day you both had. He is such a sweetie and so thoughtful. Beyond his years, that boy. I pray that my boys are as sensitive and courteous. And love their mama as much as he loves his.

    And talk about a cool mom! Is that a comic book t-shirt you're wearing? And again with the aviators. Seriously, Crystal, very hip.


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