When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best


Before having kids, I used to go to my local Hallmark store and browse the selection of cards.  It seemed there was always SOMEONE who could benefit from a little Hallmark cheer.  I love cards.  LOVE them… and prior to having kids I was pretty good about buying and sending them.

Somehow though bringing 2, then 3, now 4 active kids into a card store lost its appeal… something about them reaching out of their strollers and pulling card after card onto the floor while I was trying to find that perfect card made it loose its charm. 

Gone are the days I peruse the card store for fun. 

Now I seem to avoid it at all costs. 

Yesterday as my children eagerly accosted me with their cards, I had an epiphany.  Mothers have been saying it for years, but ya know as a kid, you never fully believe them. 

Hallmark no longer has the market on the very best cards. 

Nothing, and I mean, N-O-T-H-I-N-G holds a candle to a hand written card from your child. 

The love just oozes off of the crayon filled pages.  And the presentation?  Presentation really is everything… As they eagerly scrambled onto my bed each of the pushing their pictures and cards closer to my face and telling me in their excited voices all about the pictures they drew, I knew I couldn’t feel more loved and cherished.   I could tell with their enthusiasm how hard they worked to make a picture for me.  I knew that their cards more wore than scribbles on a page… they poured themselves into those pieces of art.

From my 3 yr old:


From my 5 yr old:


From my 7 yr old:


And while my almost 1 year old didn’t give me a card, he did crawl across my bed and onto my lap with a huge smile on his face.  So, I felt the love.

Breakfast in bed and dinner out were both very nice, but my favorite part of the day was when my kids bounded into my room and smothered me with their handwritten pictures.  They truly cared to give me the very best…a piece of themselves.


  1. Yes - you finally believe that precious lesson. So adorable. Love the cards.

  2. I agree. I still like to go into Hallmark stores, for they have so many sweet mementos within them, but only and only...childless, of which the occasion is few and far between.

    So much better instead to give and receive a little handmade love! Noah drew me a Mother's Day picture, in which I had a mustache. Sigh...he said it was daddy first, but then "since it was Mother's Day" he simply changed it to being me...I gotta get some erasable crayons. I cannot be sporting too many more stache's thats for sure!

    I love the image of Circus Baby crawling on the bed and into your lap! When Katie does that it melts my heart.

    So glad you had a love filled Mother's Day! I can't think of many more deserving!

  3. I LOVE the cards your kids made for you. I also love it that you can take these beautiful handmade pics from the kids and make them into a greeting card that gets sent through the mail. It's absolutely fabulous. Would love to have you experience how easy it is -- send a card for free (on me) ---
    just go here
    hit #2 and it will literally walk you through the process! Happy Belated Mother's Day....Know you have a very special family!.


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