Camping with the Cub Scouts


This weekend the family went on a Cub Scout camp out from Friday- Saturday evening.  The kids have been begging to go camping again, and this over nighter was the perfect little get away for us.  As an added convenience it was at a State Park not far from our house, so it was quite easy to pop home if you needed something and made it no big deal when we got a late start on Friday night.


The first thing we did on Saturday morning was take the kids fishing… the girls have been eager to try out the rods their big brother game them for Christmas.  While we didn’t catch anything and we really didn’t stay at it all that long, we did have a good time breaking out the rods for the first time this season.  IMG_0847

The boy scouts set up skill stations for the cub scouts to rotate through.  I was really impressed with the leadership and maturity of the boy scouts.  We also got to take a nature hike with the park ranger.  I was truly grateful that they let the whole family participate…an aspect of the cub scouts that I have been most grateful for this past year.  IMG_0912

This lil man took two a nice long nap in my arms during the nature walk.IMG_0878

There was also time to just run around and play.  The kids (and the dads)enjoyed kick ball, dodge ball, capture the flag, and badminton.   We topped the perfect day off with some Smores and an amusing game of “Chubby Bunny.”IMG_0933

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Scouts program this year and am excited about the friendships we have developed through out participation this year.  It really is a great organization. 


  1. Looks like they had a great time! Love the fishing shots, and of your baby fast asleep in his Momma's arms. So precious.

  2. What a fun time! Sounds like a great way to let those kiddos use up some of their endless energy supply while learning some valuable skills at the same time. Awesome.

    The preciousness of that sleeping babe in your arms is just, well...precious. Love the little bink and the chubby cheeks. I can almost smell his little baby skin and drool scent from here!


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