The Hard Way


When cutting down a tree, much like when shopping for a dress, there seems to be an unwritten rule of conduct.

No matter how fabulous it looks, you simply can’t go with the first one you see.

One simply can’t drive to the farm, march down the aisle, and stop at the first decent looking spruce you see.

That would be far too easy. 

Where would the fun be in that?

And what if an even better tree lies waiting around the corner and you miss out because you settled for that first tree?  The easy tree.  The one you could have posed for pictures in front of, cut down, took more pictures with, and paid for all while your toes and fingers were still warm.

No, the circus family is a lot of things… loud, crazy, traditional,

…but easy is not in our vocabulary.

We like to walk up and down every row.  We find a good tree… even snap a few pictures in front of it, but then we second guess ourselves and send scouts back to that first tree.  Is it better?  The scouts never know so we leave someone at tree 2 while others go back to the easy tree.  Inevitably during this back and forth, someone stumbles across a third option.  What about this one? 


At this point, we’re all quite cold frozen through and through and eagerly agree to whichever tree the majority of us are standing closest to. 


We then set about the task of cutting down the tree.


(even the lil guy gets in on the action…never to young for a saw, we say)


By the time the tree is down and more pictures are snapped,


some of us are more excited than others. IMG_6701

Some are just cold and ready to get back in the toasty van. 


“Seriously, why couldn’t Mom and Dad have just agreed to the first tree? Why do they always have to make things so difficult?”


  1. he he he!
    Next year, you should just say, "the first tree we like...let's just get that one!"

    I love the picture of your littlest one sawing! That made a chuckle well up from down below!

  2. Aw, I rather like your difficult way! Much more fun to read about! Looks like you found a winner and got some great pictures to commemorate the day with! Mr. Chubalub looks like a natural lumberjack in his cozy little snowsuit!

  3. At least you learned a valuable lesson from the Griswold's . . . you brought a saw!!! I hope you all love your tree and had a wonderful time decorating it. I loved when my Mom would send my brother and I out to pick out our tree. (We were in high school/college at that point.) Joey and I could never agree and would spend hours in the freezing cold until we found the perfect tree.

  4. I love that you let everyone including Baby to hold the saw :)


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