Some Presents Can’t Be Wrapped


A few moments from this weekend which I wish to savor…

1.  My son presenting his gift to his extended family.  (One nap time he came up excited to share that he had drawn a picture from each scene in Luke 2.  On Christmas he gave one picture to each person.  He then laid them all out on the floor and recited the story from memory.)



2.  Prepping the Christmas Lasagnas with my daughter… it marked a milestone, in which she was truly helpful in the kitchen.  She made one lasagna and I made the other!


3.  Uncle Jim patiently spending time reading and playing with my kids. ( sooo good to have him here rather than skyping from Iraq like last year)


4.  Cousins playing together…IMG_7515



5.  Watching my brother play with my kids.DSC03645


6.  Spending the day with my nephew.IMG_7467

7.  My sons first ChristmasIMG_7214

I am so thankful for the memories shared this past weekend.  They are worth far more to me than anything that could have been wrapped and put under our tree.


  1. Hooray for special memories! :)

  2. Seriously? He drew a picture from each scene out of Luke 2 and recited it from memory? That boy is awesome. Totally tender hearted and awesome.

    You and your brother's family have such cuuuute kiddos! For a minute I was like, "Hey, that's the Heights family!" Well, yes, duh, Happy...

    Your nephew is getting so big. So big and so cute! It was nice seeing a glimpse into another blog I love reading so much! Good thing you're all related!

    Your son...oh what a chubby delight he is! Gosh, I could just eat him! (In the non-creepiest way possible, of course.)

    And can you please send your daughter over? I have a hankering for some lasagna!

    You did have the merriest Christmas ever!

  3. Oh my all the pics!!! I like how it looks like the kids are entertaining the adults!!

    At first I was like, her brother looks familiar. DUH!! And all kids have an uncle just like him!! Good times!

  4. You know you will always remember those memories Now we share them by picture with you Those babies are so cute
    But how big your littlest is growing

  5. I love that photo of Jordan whipping the kids around in a circle without breaking a sweat...classic Jordan!


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