Bahamas Part 2

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Once we had our clothing situation resolved, a weight was lifted from our shoulders and were ready to show the kids the Caribbean.  We were thankful we were able to get our errand running out of the way early and get the kids so we could hit the beach.  We were off the ship for round 2 before 9 am!


20170723_114726We had decided ahead of time that our plan for Nassau was to walk to nearby Junkanoo Beach.  We knew it wasn’t necessarily the best snorkeling around, but it would provide us with a beach to play around in and we were planning our big snorkel excursion for St John later in the week.  Junkanoo was perfect for our needs that morning.  We walked there in under 20 minutes.  We got to swim in beautiful clear water.  We got to practice our snorkeling.   My parents met us for part of it and enjoyed some beach time with us also.




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20170723_120838After a few hours we headed back towards the ship, saving time for the girls to do some shopping.  Both girls had saved their allowance to do some shopping on the islands during our vacation.  Their goal for Bahamas was to find straw bags to keep sea shells in.  It was really cute to watch them walk around looking for just the right bag and also interacting with the woman at the stand.  She offered to add their names to the bags, which sealed the deal for the girls.  Now they had a souvenir from the Bahamas to keep their shells in from our vacation.  They were happy.


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