Fabulous Finish to Spring Break

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I love Washington D.C.  And I love the Cherry Blossoms.  And while we don’t make it in to see them every year, I do enjoy it when we can.  When I heard they were going to peak during spring break, I told Scott I wanted to try and go in to see them.  We had planned to go in last Monday but then the cooler weekend, slowed down the peak time.  They started peaking at the end of last week, and I thought we had missed our window.  We contemplated going in yesterday afternoon but it was grey and chillier than I wanted for walking around the city.  I woke this morning to rain and a child who needed to be seen by the Dr for pink eye, and was pretty certain our chance at the blossoms this year were done.

But, we got an early appointment and when we left the office, I noticed the sun had come out.  Scott called me at lunch time and asked if I wanted to go see the blossoms.

We went for it.

IMG_6811 - Copy

When we got to the city, we texted Scott’s dad b/c he works in the city, to see if he was there today.  He joined us for a walk around the tidal basin.


The girls were very excited to complete the special Cherry Blossom Junior Ranger badges.  (you know how we love becoming Junior Rangers).  These were extra special because they had a picture of a cherry blossom on the badge.

IMG_6919  IMG_6948

The sun was shining and the blossoms were perfect!  It was a tad windy, but still a gorgeous spring afternoon for a walk outside.

 IMG_6824  IMG_6901



We even took in a few of the monuments.



IMG_6973  IMG_6986



I love spontaneous afternoons of family fun!  Here’s hoping it is a smooth transition back to the books tomorrow!


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