A Decade Old!

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Some of my kids birthdays hit me harder than others.  Each year I feel the passing of time in a way I never felt for myself.  Each year I am washed with a wave of nostalgia and spend a good amount of time looking back at pictures of that precious child through the years. Each year I do my best to shower my child with love and attention and all of their favorites b/c we spend 364 days reiterating to our children that life is not all about them, and on their birthday it is mostly about them. 


But, still some birthdays just pull at my Momma’s heart more than others.  And 10 is one of the ones that gets me. How is my second born 10 already?  How has an entire decade gone by since she came into our world

I’ve caught myself looking at her lately, letting time stand still in the midst of the ordinary and just noticing her. 

I watched her walking out of the gym with her team mates.  Hair in a messy bun, chalk on her face and hands, slowly making her way out of the gym, laughing with her team mates, and I realized she isn’t little anymore.  In my mind she’s still a level 3 barely reaching into the chalk bucket, but she’s not.  She looked mature and grown up to me then.  Granted she is not as old as the teenagers which came out of the gym in their cluster of friends, but she suddenly didn’t look as far behind them as my heart feels like she should be.   IMG_8427I watched her the other morning while she was doing her math.  Sunlight streaming in the window as she sat there methodically working through a long division problem.   She looked so beautiful to me.  I love her how her mind works.  I love how smart and logical she is.  I love the way she loves numbers and takes comfort in order.  I love how goal oriented she is.  She is not one for instant gratification.  She will work hard towards a goal and isn’t swayed when results aren’t instant. She is fearless and tough. I also love that even though she is my no nonsense, tell it like it is, life is black/white girl,  she also has this nurturing instinct in her.  She loves toddlers and begged me to sign us up to serve in the church nursery this past year.IMG_7522  She LOVES the little kids in there and seriously counts down the weeks until it is our turn to help in the nursery. Looking back at old birthday blog posts, I see she’s been like this since she was three.  I also love watching her compete in gymnastics.  I love to see that twinkle in her eyes, the smile on her face while she talks to her team mates or warms up for her event.  I can tell just by the look on her face that she is having a good time and it warms my heart more than I can express.  It’s my favorite part of gym meets.  Sure, I love it when she scores a personal best or has a particularly good meet, but my favorite part by far is the look of joy on her face. 


This past year I’ve learned that she loves languages as well.  She LOVED Latin last year and still does.  This December she added Mandarin to her workload, working 30 minutes a day on Rosetta Stone.  I love when we walk through the grocery store and she sees something and points it out in Mandarin.   I love watching her sit at the computer, headphones on and listen to her repeat works back in Chinese.  It makes me heart smile.

She makes my heart smile. IMG_5468

I can’t believe she is 10 this week. I can’t believe she’s been in our life for a decade now.  And I can’t believe that I am so lucky to be her Momma.  I love her more than she could possibly know.  And as we gear up for the teen years, I hope and pray that God will mold her into a lady with a heart for Him.  I pray He uses her strong mind, body, and will for His glory.  And I pray that she would never ever forget that I love her more than she could possibly know and nothing could ever change that fact.  I am so thankful to be her Momma. 


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