Almost Too Big to Toss

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This weekend was our annual raking of the leaves, which is always followed by the annual Daddy tossing the kids high into the sky.


And truthfully when I saw our annual raking of the leaves…. I mean Scott’s annual raking.  I occupied myself with indoor cleaning and only went out to snap some pictures of the fun at the end.


The kids LOVE when Daddy throws them high into the pile.




Not sure how many more falls he’ll be able to toss them so high.  But those smiles seem to push him to try “just one more time.”

IMG_4402 IMG_4393

Even our dog Wendy got into the fun, much to the kids delight.  Sadly our oldest wasn’t here for the leaf fun as we camping with the scouts, but much to his delight, he also got to miss out on the raking.

IMG_4394 IMG_4396


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