You Mean We Aren’t Going Anywhere?

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We woke up Monday morning and one of the kids asked, “What the plan for today?”
Our response: “Nothing”
IMG_1840We figured we’d end up at the pool at some point that day but other than that, we had nothing on our agenda.  Some of the kids were better at self entertaining than others, but they all ended up enjoying themselves.  We ended up with a fabulous camp site.  We were close to the bathrooms and the water spicket.  I have no idea how this happened, but we had NO MOSQUITOS!  And the weather was perfect. We backed up to woods.  We didn’t buy any wood at all.  And we had countless camp fires.  The kids could run in the woods and collect wood while Mom and Dad sat in their chairs and watched. 

IMG_2204  IMG_2197
We found a beautiful stream near  the pool. 
On Tuesday we skipped the pool and spent the afternoon at the stream. 
I spent some time like this.
For Real… Ice Coffee. Shade. Hammock.  Book. Stream.  BLISS!
Then they found a swimming hole.
They splashed and made rainbows.
IMG_1916  IMG_2023
Pure Joy
And Scott and the kids had a blast jumping into the hole.
Of course, it doesn’t take long before whatever they are doing turns into an opportunity for some form of gymnastics to evolve.
Which then results in some MMA as well.
(this is them pretending to throw punches at each other… I love how the rainbow appeared in the middle)
They changed into dry clothes b/c they were cold, but then in a matter of minutes, they were back into their wet clothes as they set about to build a bridge.
He was SO ADORABLE when he told me all about their project.
Wonderful family memories were made just staying at the campground.


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