Belated Fathers Day Celebration

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Because our kids all left for one place or another on Father’s Day, we decided to celebrate the week after.  I had originally planned a low key afternoon followed by a family picnic at a park for the evening.  But, Saturday ended up being an incredibly LONG day…. 8 hours total of driving in the rain to pick up our campers and bring them home, plus a soggy basement to sop up once we got home…. Mom and Dad didn’t really feel up for much on Sunday.

We did our typical breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, followed by church.  Home for lunch and then Dad got a nice long nap on the couch.  We then took a long walk as a family and ended with a fire in the backyard.  It was a restful day of family time.  Which was just what Dad needed after a long week of work, followed by a long day of driving.


Our oldest son bought some kind of light up stick at camp, that he was so excited to share with the family.  You put it in the campfire (provided your not planning to cook on that fire)  and it will light colors up in the fire. 


Our youngest son LOVED it and the unprompted hug of thanks was so precious!


But, back to our Father’s Day celebration…..

I love this man. 


And I couldn’t ask for a better Dad for my kids.

He’s part cheerleader, instructor, jungle gym, and answer man.


His is the voice you hear loud and proud at gym meets, BJJ tournaments or soccer games.  He is the one who taught them to start fires, shoot guns, ride bikes, throw a football and use knives.  ALL of them… boys and girls.

He can break complex problems down into easy to understand applications. 

He loves the Lord and truly strives to be a man of integrity.  He loves his kids and puts his family first.  He loves his wife and truly I think one of the best ways a dad can love his kids is by loving their Momma well.  He has that mastered.


Happy, Happy Father’s Day Scott.  I couldn’t ask for a better man to raise this circus with. 


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