Best Part of Homeschooling

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Truth be told I don’t homeschool b/c I love teaching.  I am not that mom who stays up late looking up cool lesson plans to do with her kids.  I don’t spend my summer reading books for the next school year.  I wish I was that mom.  I often feel guilty that I am not that homeschooling mom.

Truthfully, the homeschool days are tough.  I mean we have our good moments each day, and those precious moments are what carry me through the L.I.T.E.R.A.L weeping and gnashing of teeth (both theirs and mine) as we fight through the lessons we don’t enjoy.  And as we work on heart issues and character and respect… all which truly add on to an already full day of work.  Latin with a side of Respect is often a huge pill to swallow.

But, we fight through, we persevere and I THINK we are ALL growing and learning through it all and despite our many, many flaws. 

And the reason why is right here….

June 11

We have long, long days from Sept-May…. but then we get out of school a whole month before the rest of the world.  And we play hard. This was the first year that I made us push through and work till June.  I of course was told I was “ruining their summer.”  When in actuality they still had at least a half day of free time to play Legos each day.  Normally when our tutorial is done, we are done.  This year we were done with a majority of our subjects, but still had to spend a few hours a day on math and health for the following month.  We also spent a few weeks DEEP, DEEP cleaning our house.  Because during those longs days of school from Sept-May, I can tell you there is VERY VERY little cleaning that takes place.  Just the bare minimum to keep us closed, fed, and somewhat sanitary.  But, Tuesday we met with the county and showed them our work and then it was SUMMERTIME!!!


Even the dog got in on the summer fun… whether she wanted to or not…

The extra time with my kids, most especially over summer and Christmas is the #1 reason I can make it through the homeschool year.

Sprinklers and worms…. such a fun combo!

My oldest will start middle school this fall.  The plan is to continue on with homeschooling him next year.  I don’t know how much longer we will continue, I take it one year at a time.  And so, I intend to do my best to embrace this long summer.


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