Daddy/Daughter Time

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Our oldest daughter has been wanting to learn how to start a fire and how to use a pocket knife.  And Daddy has been looking for an opportunity for a little one on one time with his kids.  (a truly rare gift with 4 kids).

Sooooooooo an overnight camping trip was planned to make both wishes come true. 

The look of excitement when he told her his plan was priceless.  And I loved watching her pack her stuff for their night away.


There is a state park not far from our house which made this very doable…. I foresee a few more Dad/Child overnights this summer as the other 3 are eager for their chance to have Dad to themselves.  They left our house around 6pm, got to the campground, set up camp and had a wonderful evening together… then woke up, made another fire, took a little walk and were back home in time for dad to go into work and still get in several hours of work.   I greatly enjoyed listening to them tell all about their adventure and looking at their pictures. 

IMG_0660 IMG_0663

Dinner Menu:  hot dogs and baked beans  (her most favorite meal ever)

IMG_0671 IMG_0681

With of course, Smores for dessert!


Next morning:  time for fire number 2!

IMG_0695 IMG_0703

And another lesson on whittling….When she got home she told me she is saving her allowance for her own pocket knife.


One very happy girl


I am glad they had that little time away together.  I am so thankful for this girl and her Daddy and the special bond they share.


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