Halloween Fun!

What a Night!

We had a super fun Halloween evening this year and I am thankful we got to know several of our neighbors better. 
This year we had
Harry Potter
Super Girl (yes she has been Supergirl for 1/3 of our Halloween’s but what can I say, the girl likes being super girl)  This year she changed it up and went with pink super girl though.
Her majesty the queen also graced us with her presence.  I have to say one of my favorite parts of the day was putting make up on her.  I let her wear my real make up and earrings and her smile and her smile and giggle while I got her ready were priceless.
I bet you will NEVER EVER guess what this little man went as…
He is a Jack-o-Lantern dressed up as a lion.  He also really likes making sure that the nose of his pumpkin stays in even when lit.  So he carefully pops it in.
We had a super fun evening. 


  1. So super cute kiddos dressed up so much like their personalities! Just love the pictures :-)

  2. It is my dream to someday go trick or treating with you guys one year!


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