Someone’s Got a New Set of Wheels


Spring weather arrived this weekend.  We literally spent the entire day outside on Sunday (other than the time we were in Sunday School and church).  It was wonderfully refreshing.   A friend from church passed down  a toddler bike with training wheels.  My littlest guy was so excited to ride a big kid bike.  IMG_1292

I was impressed with how quickly he caught on to peddling.  After two trips around the court, he could start himself, steer, and even ring his bell while peddling.


By the end of the evening, he could ride the whole way to the end of the court by himself with his siblings and we were able to pass his tricycle down to the neighbor girl down the street.  He’s a big kid now with a new set of wheels. IMG_1299


  1. He's getting so big. I can't wait to squeeze him next week!

  2. Good bye to the little toddler and hello to a big boy!! SO CUTE riding with his siblings. That is one busy court now.


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