When You Give a Mom a Minute...

My own paraphrase of a very busy 30 minute period of time here at the circus on our first day back at school at home, based on the "If you give a...." book series.  There is no embellishment here.  This is how it really went down at the circus house this morning.

If you give a mom a minute, she'll sneak a peak at facebook.

And when she sneaks a peak at facebook, she'll see one of her friends posted a crock pot recipe.  This will remind her that she needs to put her own dinner in the crock pot.

As she gets out the crock pot, she will see the flour and looking at the clock, she will realize she should start lunch prep soon.

As she pulls out the flour to make waffles, she will see a box of pretzels.

The pretzels will remind her that she wanted to finish a conversation with her daughter from last night.

She leaves the room to talk one on one with her daughter and as she's talking she will suddenly hear her 3 year old crying and screaming for Mommy and Daddy.

This will cause her to rush to the bathroom to see what is wrong with her 3 year old.

When she goes to the bathroom she will see the toilet overflowing on to the floor.

When she sees the toilet overflowing she will immediately shut the toilet off and call for the other kids to quickly grab towels and a plunger.

While she waits for the towels and plunger she will calm the scared three year old and take the opportunity to let him know that if you flush the toilet once and it doesn't work, you should not flush again.

The other children will bring down the towels and plunger.  When they do, you will mop up the floor and plunge the toilet.   This will create wet towels.

When you have wet towels, you will take them down to the washing machine.  When you go down to the washing machine you will remember to switch the clothes and start a load.  Your daughter will follow you downstairs.

When your daughter follows you downstairs you will continue with the conversation from earlier.

After finishing the conversation, you will go upstairs to wash your hands.

When you go to the kitchen to wash your hands, you will hear your phone chime with a text from your husband saying he's coming home for lunch.

When you read the text from your husband, you'll remember the flour you got out earlier and go back to making waffles for lunch.

When you make waffles for lunch, your family will eat them.

When your family eats the waffles, you will tell them the story of your morning.  When your tell your husband  about your morning, he will suggest you write a blog post about it.

When you finish school and write a blog post about your morning, you will probably post it to facebook.



  1. Perfect! I was hoping you'd be able to bring it full circle and you did! This was another excellent post, my dear. You truly have a gift for writing...even if the topic includes your overflowing toilet. ;-)

  2. Wow!!! And all before noon You are amazing. Also love that you came back to finish everything you started (even crock pot meal I hear) So back to school Circus Fam

  3. :) I love those books.

  4. What a fun post Crystal. I smiled all the way through. I can totally relate - except I am impressed you start with flour to make waffles and not a ready made mix. But then, you are Always impressing me :).

  5. You are, truly, a gifted writer. Not to mention a multitasker, (kind of, sort of


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