A New Sport for the Circus Fam


As a mom, there are several roles I play in the lives of my children.  One of my favorite roles is that of cheer leader.  I truly enjoy watching them compete/perform in whatever activity they are involved in and cheering them on as they do so.  Yes, that’s right.  I am that Mom you hear above the crowd cheering and squealing. 

This fall my son began a new sport.  After years of wanting to try martial arts, he started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.   This past weekend, he competed in his first tournament.  


There is a steep learning curve for mommas when their children begin new sports. Especially sports in which they have little to no experience.  I have learned to rely heavily on Mom’s who have gone before me for key pieces of information like “What is that move my kid just did out there?” Jiu Jitsu is a lot like wrestling, with several key differences.  At least there are enough similarities, that could help this former wrestlers girlfriend as she watched her son out on the mat. 

For his first three matches, there was a coach from his gym watching him.  And since the coaches are all professionals in the sport, I actually found myself trying to stay quiet (talk about a new experience), so he could hear them and not me.   Since the things they said would actually help him as he sought to avoid a choke and come out on top.   I’d interject an occasional “Keep fighting buddy!” when it seemed quiet.  But, during his last match the coaches were all watching other matches so Scott and I screamed with all we had.   It’s kind of funny if you listen to the video as all 5 of us are cheering.  There was a point in the match where he was on top in a mount (Momma learned a few terms during this tournament) and what he really needed was a coach to tell him what to do.  At one point my husband or I yelled, “Do a move you know how to do.”  hahahaha…. profound wisdom from the sidelines.  I felt powerless having no clue how to instruct him, but wanting to encourage him as he was doing his best out there. 


I was crazy proud of him.  He fought hard in all 4 matches.  He gave it all he got and never gave up.  I was  impressed with how physically demanding it is to grapple.  What an amazing sport!  I think he and we as parents learned lots by watching our first tournament.  And we are all looking forward to his next one.  IMG_7658

He was super excited that their team took first at the tournament.


  1. To my Grandson,
    I remember your dad's first wrestling match and how impressed I was with his determination and effort. It sounds like you are a lot like your Dad. That's a very good thing. Congratulations! I can't wait to see you in a match. Love you.
    Your very proud Nana.

  2. It's so crazy to see those pictures - he's all grown up! So proud, buddy!


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