Angels Watching Over Me


It was a typical afternoon for me… rush the kids into the van, make a quick stop at Walgreens for cough drops and pictures… a quick glance at the clock tells me we should make it to practice in time as long as we don’t hit traffic.

And then…

the car just stops… it almost felt like I could feel it drop, the steering wheel locked and I did my best to coast and steer it to the side of the road… or the entrance of the bus circle at the high school.  I look over and see a van waiting for me to move.  I am completely blocking his exit.  I have no idea what to do.  I put my window down to say this and a man comes over and says, “Put it in neutral and I’ll push you to the side.”  We both did a double take.  He was the father of one of the girls on my daughter’s gymnastics team.  The same team I was taking the girls to practice for.  After pushing my van out of the way so cars could drive around me, he offered to drive the girls to practice for me. 

I couldn’t believe God’s goodness to me.

Truly, of all the places to break down, this was so providential.  Just the day before we had been driving home from Deep Creek, MD… a 3 hour drive from home.  We could have been stranded on the side of the interstate hours from home. 

Instead, I broke down literally in front of someone I knew who could help me.   I got the girls booster seats out of the van and sent them off to practice.  Then I tried to call Scott.  He wasn’t at his desk.  Didn’t have his cell on him.  I called a friend that works with him and couldn’t reach him either.  I scrolled through my contact list looking for a coworker of his I could call.  I found one , who was at his phone and was willing to track Scott down for me.  What a praise!  Even more amazingly, he was able to track Scott down for me and rather quickly.  Scott wasn’t in his normal work area.  Meanwhile one of our church elders drove by and checked on me.  There wasn’t anything he could do, but I just appreciated the familiar face checking in as I sorted the mess.  Once I talked to Scott and knew he was on his way, I called our road side assistance and our mechanic. 

The whole time I was at such peace.  We were safely off the road, Scott was on his way, and the car could be towed to our trusted mechanic.  I just couldn’t believe how fortunate we were.

Scott’s car can only hold 3 kids in the back seat.  If the girls hadn’t gotten a ride to practice, we would have been in more of a bind as we figured out how to get everyone home.  Instead the girls were taken care of and once Scott got to us and then the tow truck took our van, he drove the boys and I home.  I then immediately left to go to a meeting I had and I was able to pick the girls up afterwards.  WHAT A BLESSING!

I truly marvel at God’s hand of protection on us last evening.  It could have been such a bigger head ache.  But, he not only kept us safe, He cared for the little details like gymnastics practice and getting everyone home in one trip.  God would still be God and still be good, had this gone differently.  But, I am praising Him today for the blessings he bestowed on us yesterday afternoon.



  1. Funny, I was just reflecting today on this very concept. The Lord provides, in the big picture and the details.. The Lord provides!

  2. Ahh friend! And you even passed your emissions test! :) Thankful you are all well! :)

  3. I just had this same conversation ths weekend. Our car broke down in the parking lot of damion's baseball tournament and as I was getting a ride home to pick up our other car I passed several cars stranded on the road. Although it was an in convenience , all I could feel was greatful that we weren't on the side of 95 or in the tunnel or that it didn't happen while we were in NC this weekend. feeling greatful to god for the big picture made it so much easier to deal with the inconvienent logistical parts :)

  4. Why does this make me want to tear up? I love God! So glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been!

  5. I just have that old Amy Grant song in my head now (do you remember that?) I love stories like this- so cool to see God's hand in every detail of our lives!


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