Field Trip Fun


Field trips are an area I really don’t excel at with homeschooling.  Last year we didn’t do a single one.  It’s hard when your teaching 3 different levels, 3 different curriculums.  If you go on a field trip for one, than the other two are missing out on work. (this is why I am SO excited that next year we will all 3 be studying the same general content for history and science… just broken down into different levels for ability and age… field trips will be SO MUCH MORE REASONABLE)

I am happy to report that this year we were able to go on 3 field trips.  (huge improvement over last year!)

One was over spring break with our Kindergarteners from tutorial.  They went to California Pizza kitchen to make their own pizzas and get a behind the scenes tour of the restaurant business.  All 4 circus members enjoyed that one. 


Then in April, we spent a day in St Mary’s city learning about early colonial settlers and American Indians.  It was technically a 1st grade field trip, but we all learned tons and by doing extra work the day after, we were able to stay on top of all our studies.  IMG_2998


Today the 3rd graders went on a tour of the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore.  This was a great end of the year review on Roman and Greek culture.  While the 3rd graders went on a guided tour with their tutor and the art museum guide, I took the younger 3 for a very, very abridged tour of the museum and time to play in the kids play area in the basement. 




And thanks to doing a TON of extra work yesterday as well as some math and reading on the car ride there, we were all able to enjoy some down time at home when we got back before a busy evening in varied directions. 

Field trips are a lot of work.  Not only do you have to plan the excursion, but just attending is a ton of work.  St Mary’s City was a 2 hr drive one way… with a 4 hour walking tour and a 2 hr drive back.  Not to mention I had to drive over a crazy tall bridge which I was more than a little bit dreading.  Today I drove into the city of Baltimore by myself for the 2nd time ever.  I hate city and beltway driving, so this was no small feat.  Not to mention we had to be up, lunches packed and out the door, into the city by 9:45…. IMG_3363this was way more work than my usual start school by 9 am at the kitchen table with mom still having not showered.  Again, this would be why last year we didn’t go on a single field trip.  But, I am glad we went.  On all of them.  The kids love, LOVE getting out of the house and seeing new things ESPECIALLY WITH THEIR FRIENDS.   We do learn a ton by the experience.  And it’s even good for mom to stretch out of her comfort zone now and again.  I hope next year we can go on a few more field trips.  I THINK as the circus crew gets older, field trips get easier (hooray for no more strollers or diaper bags to lug around). 


  1. No more diaper bags.... sigh. To be so lucky.

    And wait, you're oldest is in 3rd grade?? Stop it. When did he get so old? And grown up? He needs to stop, right now. His aunt can't handle another year of this.

    Sometimes it takes everything in me to get my kids to the park. I can't imagine the logistics of a field trip are really that worth it. Surely they can just read about this stuff. I'm going to be the laziest homeschool mom ever.

    PS - There's a crown in heaven for you, just for driving over bridges.

  2. Great experiences! So glad that you made it work for them I know it isn't easy.


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