O Christmas Tree


I love, LOVE, the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree.  If you stop to think of it, it’s kind of a strange tradition… I don’t even let my kids bring sticks into the house on a normal basis, but every December, we head out, chop down an entire tree and bring it into our living room.  We then string it with lights and hang tons of sentimental  and breakable decorations on it. 

None the less, I love it.  And as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I am chomping at the bit to go cut down our tree and bring it home. 

This year’s tree cutting was a momentous one. 

2012… the year our oldest son chopped the tree down himself

Now for years, Scott’s let him “help”… some years he’d come with his own plastic saw to cut with Daddy… as he got older Scott let him hold the real saw and take a few strokes at it.

This year, he told my son, he thought he was ready to do it himself.

I think Scott did one or two strokes at the beginning to get him started and then he handed it over to our son.


(see him lying there at the bottom of the tree?)  Scott helped by pushing the tree to the side for him.   But, the work was all our 8 year old.


I was worried we wouldn’t make it, as darkness was quickly falling and the farm was getting ready to close.  He kept at it though.  And Scott was confident he could do it.

I LOVE the look on his face when he came up from chopping it down. 


He did it!  And he’s so proud!


  1. I love that smile!!! What a wonderful moment for you all!

  2. That smile is amazing. He looks so grown up!


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