While They Were Sleeping


It’s always fun to peek in on my kiddos when they are sleeping.  Sometimes because it gives me a good chuckle, sometimes because it tugs at my heart strings, and sometimes just because it sets my mind at ease to see them sleeping snuggly in their rooms. 

Last night as I was crawling into bed, I realized I hadn’t peeked in on them.  I don’t know if I’m the only Mom out there like this, but when I realize I forgot, I just can’t shake it off… I have to go b/c sometimes this little quirky fear will rise up “What if the one night I didn’t check on them something was wrong?”

Which is why it was all the more comical, that when I opened the boys room, the first thing I saw was this.


“Oh my,” I thought.  And I confess for a split second, as my eyes scanned the room, looking for my baby boy, I had a little fear in my gut that something was not right.

And then, I saw this….


(yup, he’s wearing his big sisters bright pink Dora socks… No, she didn’t do this to him, he did it to himself…)  Stifling a giggle, I ran to grab the camera… So, glad I didn’t skip my night time peek, I’d have hated to miss this precious sight.



  1. So sweet!! It is so precious how your kids end up sleeping together:-)

  2. Their bond, especially given the age gap, is so sweet to me! You don't see this often today. I can't wait for my boys to share a room! Well, minus the pink socks, of course. Though I did send Eli to be last night wearing one of my shirts because I couldn't find a clean one for him. :) #motheroftheyear


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